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Tips for People With Disabilities Looking for True Love on Online Dating Websites

Dating, whether in person or online can be a daunting task. Very few people are totally comfortable putting themselves out there for others to critique and potentially reject, even when the potential for finding love and a great relationship are also a possibility. This is even harder when you are disabled. Finding that special someone though, makes the awkward and sometimes downright weird conversations, the oftentimes cumbersome profile completion and awkward first dates all worth it.

Disabled-dating whether online or offline can be very challenging. Lots of these challenges have to do with the misconceptions that surround being disabled. For some strange reason, we often overlook people with disabilities when it comes to dating. We don’t see them as sexual beings with the same desires as people living without a disability. The truth is, disabled individuals also desire sex, love, companionship and whatever else non-disabled people desire in their relationships. The sad truth of the matter is however, by viewing disabled individuals as being somehow asexual and disinterested in love and relationships, we significantly reduce their potential dating pool. Others simple don’t know how to deal with someone with a disability and instead of learning how to, simply write them off as an option. As I said, dating can be hard. Disabled-dating is unfortunately, a bit harder.

Another big challenge for disabled individuals and the world of disabled-dating is that we sometimes stand in our own way. We sometimes refuse to get out of our own heads and allow our self-doubts and fears to prevent us from putting ourselves out there. I won’t deny that stereotypes and prejudices against disabled individuals exist, that would be simply disingenuous. But disabled individuals are more visible now than ever to other disabled and non-disabled singles alike. Free to date, free to mingle, free to love, free to do whatever we want when it comes to sex, dating and relationships.

Online dating has revolutionised the way in which we meet and form relationships. Disabled-singles now have more options than ever when it comes to meeting that special someone. There are many dating websites for singles with a large disabled community and websites that are specific to the disabled community as well. I know it can seem scary but disabled-dating sites are a disabled-person’s best friend when it comes to dating. Here we have a pool of persons all looking for love and companionship and for most of whom, a disability is immaterial. Many people are hesitant to openly state their disability on their profiles, afraid that it will turn people off. I see that however as a plus. You immediately weed out the close-minded individuals that would discriminate against you because of your disability. I’m not of the mind that you should “get someone to know the real you” before disclosing your disability in case they are scared away from the outset. That’s absolute garbage. If you need me to convince you that I can be smart, witty, sexy and just plain fun despite having a disability then you’re someone who isn’t worth my time. Good riddance.

Disabled-dating sites connect you with others with a disability and who often better understand what it means to navigate life with a disability. But in order to be successful at online disabled-dating there are a few steps to follow:

1.Know what you want and what you’re searching for. Memberships on some of the more popular disabled-dating sites run into the hundreds of thousands. The sheer numbers can be overwhelming but knowing what you’re looking for allows you to significantly reduce the number to more meaningful matches. Quality over quantity.

2.Be honest with yourself and potential matches. Be upfront about your disability and how it impacts your life.

3. Remain positive. It’s possible and quite likely that you’ll have to kiss a few frogs before meeting your prince(ss) charming. That however, is to be expected. Whether disabled-dating or not, or using a free disabled-dating site or not, dating is filled with ups and downs and lots of disappointment. But patiently sifting out all those suggested matches that aren’t just right will eventually lead you to that one person who is just right for you.

4. Stay safe online. There are lots of weirdos online and in real life. Protect your information and your person from unscrupulous persons online. Don’t give out your full name, address, banking information or any other sensitive information to persons you have just met online. Get to know them via email, social media, etc. before revealing personal information. Also, just don’t give anyone your credit card information. It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been chatting online and if you think they are the one. He/She may be the one but why does he need your credit card info?

5.Have fun!!! Dating can be fun. Yes, there may be awkward conversations or first dates but think of the great stories they’ll make at some point. Meet some interesting people, get out of the house and go on a date to somewhere you’ve never been before. Live a little.