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Learning Disability Week runs from the 17th to the 23rd June this year. We took a look at Mencap’s fascinating survey of young people with Learning Disabilities, the challenges they face, and an innovative solution for social-change. Read on!




From September to November 2015, the charity ‘Mencap’ surveyed 300 18 to 35 year olds with Learning Disabilities, and found some startling results.


  • More than 49% agreed they’d like to spend more time outside their house.


  • 18% even said they often felt “alone and cut off” from other people.


  • And 1 in 3 said they spend less than one hour outside their homes on a normal Saturday.


Spending so much time alone at home is a huge risk-factor for isolation. And that can lead to serious negative effects on mood like Depression.


Worse still, it can build Anxiety about ever leaving the house, meaning a vicious cycle of staying inside more and more.


So we know the problem, but what’s the solution?


According to Mencap, exercise can solve the issue.


Sports like running encourage people with Learning Disabilities to get outside of the house, enjoy the physical benefits of exercise, and have a chance to meet other people.


To help promote this, Mencap have made ‘Sports & Inclusion’ their theme for Learning Disability Week 2019.


They’re encouraging everyone, with or without a Learning Disability, to try out a local Sport club.


Better yet, Mencap are actually hosting a number of events across the UK for people to attend and try out a new sport!


Attendees can check out a wide-range of exciting activities, including Boccia, inclusive Tennis, Cycling, Dancing, Football and even Javelin-Throwing!


(Just be careful no one tries to start enacting Game of Thrones..!)


Mencap’s initiative is a fantastic opportunity for people to find the value of getting involved in a Sport, both for the benefits of exercise AND for making friends.


To find out more and check out the nearest event being held near you, just click the link below;



PS. If you’ve already attended one of these events, we’d love to hear from you! Leave us a comment on our Social channels using the links below!