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Is a Disabled Dating Website The Right Choice For Me?

Are you disabled and wondering whether a disabled-dating site or a more traditional online-dating site or app is the way to go? As a person with a disability myself, I say a special disabled-dating website is the better way to go. Here’s why a disabled-dating site is the better option for people like me and you:

1. As disabled-individuals looking for love online, we can give ourselves migraines trying to decide on the perfect time to disclose our disability. Do I state it upfront in my profile or will that turn away potential matches before they even get a chance to know ‘the real me’? Ok, I have a visible disability, do I then post a photo that makes this obvious? Or do I wait until I’ve made a genuine connection with someone before I tell them? But will this cause further problems because I ‘hid’ a (pertinent) truth about myself? Aargh!!! I’m giving myself a headache just thinking about this right now. Perhaps the biggest advantage of using a disabled-dating website is that it completely removes this problem. The name says it all. Anyone using a disabled-dating website is well aware that potential matches may also have a disability. There’s an honesty and realness to websites tailored to dating for disabled individuals that traditional dating sites and apps lack. I certainly don’t want to navigate the big, wide world of online dating while nursing a headache. Do you?

2. Potential matches are likely to have a disability as well may better understand what it’s like to be in our shoes. As a member of a disabled-dating website we are in a community of like-minded individuals who know what it feels like to be limited in some way or another and who are likely more empathetic to the fact that we may not be able to hike a trail on our first date or that a crowded or trendy ‘it bar’ may not be the best place for someone with my social anxiety issues. In my experience, people who have had to deal with an issue the rest of society ignores are just more aware and considerate of the fact that some things are simply off the table. For this I give disabled-dating websites like Disabled-dating.co.uk another big plus.

3. People are more likely to be more open and comfortable as they are around others with whom they have something in common. Meeting new people is stressful just in and of itself. Throw in the finding love aspect and it gets even more nerve wracking for lots of people. I know that whenever I am in a new situation and my pretty mild social anxiety kicks in, finding out that we have something in common, something to bond over, helps me to relax and be less nervous. Being a member of a disabled-dating site like Disabled-dating.co.uk means I’m instantly part of a community and it makes me more at ease right from the get go. This way I’m more open and engaging right from start. Being more open and engaging, online and in real life makes us more attractive. And that’s the whole point, isn’t it?

4. My last point is that even though a more traditional or mainstream dating website may have hundreds of thousands or even millions of active members searching for love online, this doesn’t really mean it’s a potential windfall for us who are disabled and looking to date. Even though it may be a bitter pill to swallow, you and I have to face the fact that only ten percent of the population is disabled and the truth is, the majority of that other ninety percent will simply swipe left when it comes to dating someone with a disability. I’m sure you’ve heard the expression ‘quality over quantity’ before and that’s exactly what a disabled-dating website like Disabled-dating.co.uk is. As it’s a website that is geared towards disabled singles, they will not have millions of active users. What you will find on disabled.dating.co.uk is a smaller, private community where members have special needs are serious about finding love.

So, there you have it. These are the reasons why I as a disabled individual would choose a disabled dating website over a more mainstream website when it comes to disabled individuals looking for love online.