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A common question we hear all the time is “Why should I sign up for a monthly membership, when I could find another Disability Dating site for free??”

Well, grabbing a Dating Profile for free sounds like a great idea in theory - I mean, who doesn’t love free-stuff?!

But the Team at Disabled Dating is on hand to present an argument that might just make you think twice...

Read on to find out why!


Free Dating websites sound great. Pop in your name & email and you’re all set to setup your fantastic Dating profile.


So, you get stuck in straight away. Putting in the time it takes to craft your witty Profile description, and trawl through all your photos to select the best ones.


And you’re all set. With your awesome Disability Dating profile ready to go, you click over to look through the other Users on the site.


But, that’s when the problem starts.


You click through a few profiles of people in your area. Maybe you find some matches, maybe you don’t. But less than a few minutes into searching and… uhoh, the website’s already run out of Users in your area!


Or, you find a few people you really like the look of… but then you realise their profiles haven’t been active for months..!


See, that can be the problem with many free Dating websites for people with disabilities.


Because they don’t charge a monthly fee, they don’t have the same Marketing budget to attract new & sincere Users.


Which means you can quickly find there just aren’t enough people actively using the website for you to find matches.


Now, we know there are some exceptions to the rule - Tinder being the obvious example.


But when it comes to a Dating website purposely built for people with Disabilities, it’s a different story.


It’s no use having a long list of free Disabled Dating websites to create profiles on, if each site is an empty wasteland with no active Members.


To get enough regular Users to make a successful Dating site, people need to be told about it.


And that requires Marketing.


And Marketing requires a bit of money.


At disabled-dating.co.uk - we reckon we’ve come up with a fairly good solution.


By charging a small monthly fee to our members, we can put profits straight back into our Marketing campaigns to get the word out there and keep attracting new Members.


Which means our Members benefit from a diverse selection of people to meet, who are just as committed as they are to meeting new people and (Cupid willing.!) find love.


So say goodbye to inactive profiles and “no more matches in your area”, head over to disabled-dating.co.uk and talk to one of our Coaches about getting your profile set up today!


With a skilled guide to help you along your way, there’s nothing stopping you on your journey into the world of disability dating (and help you avoid those pesky pitfalls along the road!)

To find out more, hit the link below!