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How to Find Love as a Person with a Disability

Dating Philosophy 101!

During our weekly catch-up, the Team at disabled-dating.co.uk we were all chatting away about a few of our recent dating experiences (one of our favourite things to talk about, obviously :)

We noticed a couple of themes seemed to stand out. A few ‘Philosophies’, if you like, about dating with a disability… Read on to see what we came up with...

Acceptance beats Avoidance

This is a big one. Each of us agreed that the dates we went on where we’d been open about our disability before meeting up, seemed to go so much better than the ones we’re we avoided it (or maybe gave a few cheeky half-truths..!)

The fact is, any potential partner should accept us fully for who we are; disability included. What’s the point in trying to pretend like we’re somebody else, anyway?

Whether it’s Cerebral Palsy, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Depression & Anxiety, Ataxia - these are an integral part of who we are. If someone has an issue with that, then we think it’s better not to bother with them in the first place!

Which brings us to our next point…

Love Yourself, Before you Seek Love from Someone Else

Before going out in the dating world to find love as a disabled person, it’s important to first learn to love and embrace yourself.

Be open and honest about who you are, rather than trying to change yourself to ‘earn’ someone else’s approval.

Whatever your condition, it’s part of your journey; part of your story.

We think that’s something to be proud about, and a reason to love yourself for who you are.

Once you understand that, then you’re ready to go out and find love with someone else. And we bet, you’ll find someone much more worthy of your time and affection, anyway!

Don’t Settle for Second-Rate

We get it. The dating process can be frustrating, particularly when you have a disability.

The stigma, the misconceptions, the myths; none of these help and sometimes, when you do finally meet someone you might be tempted just to assume ‘they’re the one for you’.


But listen to that little voice in the back of your head. You deserve someone awesome!

As a person with a disability, it can be frustrating to look at others who seem to find partners and dates so easily (but remember, appearances aren’t everything!).


But that doesn’t mean you should settle for the first person who comes your way! We know it’s the last thing anyone wants to hear but, ‘Patience is a Virtue’..! 


It’s worth the wait to find that special someone. 

Plus, it can keep you safe from a long-list of rubbish ex’s, trust us on that one..!


Find a Mentor to Help You Out

Everyone needs their own Yoda!


One of the most important things we all agreed on was the power of having someone to help guide us, especially through the early stages of our ‘dating careers’.


Sometimes that can be a close friend, maybe even a family member.


But, it’s not always comfortable to talk about dating with family... And sometimes friends give rubbish advice! 

At Disabled Dating, you can set yourself up with your very own Dating Coach! Someone who knows what it’s like to look for love as a disabled person. Someone who, a few years ago, was just like you are now.


With a skilled guide to help you along your way, there’s nothing stopping you on your journey into the world of disability dating (and help you avoid those pesky pitfalls along the road!)


To find out more, hit the link below!