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Want to really make a great culinary impression for your Date, but don’t want to bother with complicated recipes and kitchen-disasters? Check out our idea for the perfect Romantic dessert; almost completely hassle-free! Read-on to find out…

Legend has it that this delicious dessert traces its history all the way back to 1927, starting in America, before making its way across the world.

We are talking, of course, about the classic “S’More”!

A simple yet mouth-watering masterpiece; we challenge you to find anybody in the world who doesn’t have a soft spot for a freshly toasted S’More :)

And the best thing about it? Aside from being super-simple to make, it gives a great excuse for a romantic date by the campfire - the perfect thing for a late Summer’s evening.

A S’More isn’t just a dessert; it’s an experience.

But, simple as the recipe may be, there is a certain art-form to making the perfect S’More.

So, for the perfect date and the perfect dessert, you will need;

1) A tranquil spot in Nature on a day without forecasted rain or wind.
(If you know how to, you can start up a small campfire or, better yet, grab a mini-BBQ set from the local supermarket)

2) A Pack of Crackers
(Choose ‘Graham Crackers’ for the Classic American Version!)

3) A slab of Chocolate
(At Disabled Dating, we prefer super-yummy dark chocolate, but each to their own :)

4) A pack of Marshmallows

5) A pack of wooden Skewers

And that’s it..!

- To make the perfect S’More, break a cracker in half and layer it with a small slab of chocolate.
- Then, carefully skewer the marshmallow and toast it lightly over the small fire until it is browned.

- Next, lay the marshmallow onto the chocolate cracker, before layering another piece of cracker on top and Voila!

You’ve made your very own S’More!

Wait enough time for the marshmallow to cool before eating. This also lets the marshmallow to fuse the chocolate and cracker together, to create the perfect gooey-yummness for your and your Date!

We love the humble S’More at Disabled Dating, and it’s definitely a winner for a unique Dating experience.

So, what are you waiting for?! Get planning for a date night you and your partner will never forget!

And, if you need any tips or advice for setting everything up, our Coaches at Disabled Dating are ready to help you out!

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PS. We don’t mean to condescend, but simple as they are, making S’Mores does carry some risk from the use of Fire and Skewers. Always make sure to put Safety first, and if necessary make sure to request extra assistance or supervision.