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7 Ideas for a Great First Date (WITHOUT Spending a Fortune!)


So you’ve met someone on Disabled-Dating.co.uk and you’ve started brainstorming ideas for where to go on your First Date. But if the bright ideas just aren’t coming, then let the Disabled Dating Team give you a little extra helping-hand with our 7 Ideas for a Great First Date (WITHOUT spending all your money!) Read on below!


When you’re thinking about your first date, it can be easy to start falling into the Hollywood-movie stereotypes. Maybe you’ve already started dreaming of extravagant dinners in fancy restaurants with candles and waiters in bow-ties…


But, as we discussed in our Blog-post ‘5 Tips to Banish the Butterflies on your First Date’, choosing a super-fancy venue for a first date can actually be a lot more trouble than it’s worth.


Not only could you end up spending a fortune, but the extra pressure and expectations  from making such a ‘big deal’ out of it, can actually just leave you completely frazzled and stressed out…


Which is NOT ideal for a chilled-out and enjoyable first date. 


So instead, choose from our list of great, low-pressure first date ideas, so that both you and your date can have fun in the moment and enjoy the really important things; like actually getting to know each other :)


1) Free Gallery / Museum Night

Many Galleries & Museums in major cities now offer free days or evenings to explore their venues. These are also great choices if you’re a bit nervous on conversation-starters; all you have to do is talk about something that’s right in front of you! 

Modern Galleries & Museums are also making great effort to suitably accommodate people with special needs, meaning everyone has their chance to fully appreciate the items on display.


2) Go on a Picnic

There’s nothing more romantic than going on a Picnic. All you need is some green-space and a bit of good weather (although, the latter can sometimes be a bit tricky, depending on where you live!). But with those two ingredients you can create your own Hollywood-movie date experience, without the fancy restaurant price tag!


3) Grab a Coffee or Smoothie

Instead of overpriced drinks at some swanky Bar, why not try something a little different (and healthier!). With so many independent Coffee shops and Smoothie Bars opening up all over the place, we’re spoilt for choice for cool places to hang out and grab a drink. Plus, Cafés are a much more chilled-out (and quieter!) place to meet someone for the first time. So without all the loud music, you can actually get to know each other..!


4) Go to a Local Bookstore

This one may seem a little different, but hear us out! If you’re both into Reading, then what better way to share your passion than taking your date to your favourite bookstore? Many Bookstores now offer places to sit, so you can both grab a drink and sit together to discuss your favourite novels and subjects


5) Go out for a Dessert

If you’re still really set on the dinner-date idea, but worried about the price tag, then there is a third way! Take your date out to grab a dessert at a Frozen Yoghurt Bar, Ice Cream Parlour or Waffle store. You’ll get all the benefits of a dinner-date at a fraction of the costs. Plus, who doesn’t love a good Dessert..!


6) Check out the Local Zoo

A favourite one for Animal-Lovers! Head to your local Zoo or Aquarium to see species from all over the world. Many Zoos are also making a big effort to support local Environmental campaigns, so you’ll also feel good knowing you’re supporting a good cause!


7) Go Bowling


Now, we know what you’re thinking. But before you automatically discount this idea, you should know that many Bowling Alleys now offer specially-adapted equipment. Meaning many people with disability conditions can now enjoy this activity too. Head down to a Bowling Alley near you, and let your competitive side go wild :)


So there you have it, 7 Ideas for a First Date that’s NOT going to an expensive, fancy restaurant. 


And, we think, these ideas will give you a much higher chance of a fun, chilled-out and interesting first date experience.


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