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 Stay Sensible. Stay Safe.

We’re taking a bit more of a serious note today at Disabled-Dating (must be because it’s a Monday..!). Today we will be talking about how to safely navigate the online dating world. Read on below

Online dating has opened up a fantastic opportunity for both people with and without disabilities to find love. But, like everything on the Internet, it does not come without its risks. The aim of our blog today is not to talk horror stories or to condescend; we’re all adults after all, but simply to provide a bit of friendly guidance to help stay safe, especially for anyone who is trying online dating for the first time. Here’s a few top-tips from the coaches at Disabled-Dating

1) Watch out for Warning Signs

Be careful of anyone who acts suspiciously during your first conversations. A few red flags could be, but not limited to; asking you to send money or asking for your Bank details, avoiding answering certain questions, displaying signs of anger for no reason, and (most important of all) making any kind of comment which is disrespectful to people disabilities. If your potential date shows any of those signs, hit delete and move on! They’re not worth your time.

2) First Date Public Place

 We always advise that you agree to a first date in a public place. It may seem a bit like something your Mum would nag you about, but at the end of the day, Mum knows best on this one! Safety should always be a number one priority, don’t take a risk!

Also, having the date in a public place not only makes sure you stay safe, but also keeps the first date easy-going, with no major expectations. This is key to calming any pre-first-date nerves, as we discussed on our blog-post; 5 Tips to Banish the Butterflies on your First Date!

3) Have a Friend on Stand-by

It’s unlikely you will need to, but just in case, it is a good idea to let a friend or family member know where you are going and who you are going to meet with. You can ask them to be on stand-by, just in case you need to ring for assistance. That way, if you start feeling at all uncomfortable during the date, help is only a phone-call away!

4) Slow Down Cupid!

Maybe you’ve met someone online and you feel like you both have a great connection. Perhaps it’s the first person you’ve had feelings for in a while. But that doesn’t mean you need to go falling in love straight-away! Keep it cool & take it easy. You need to get to know the person first. Don’t get let a rush of emotions sweep you away; you could end up making a decision you regret.

5) Watch Your Alcohol Intake

There’s nothing wrong with having a drink or two on a date (we’ve all done it..!), but there is the potential to make yourself vulnerable once you’ve had one glass too many. It’s just not worth putting yourself in a dangerous position. If it’s the first date and you’re just getting to know the person, why not do a ‘day date’ and meet them for a coffee first instead? Drinks at the bar can wait for the second or third date (don’t worry, the bar will still be there!)

6) Get 1-2-1 Coaching & Advice

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again. The best way to prepare yourself for any new dating experience is to have your own Personal Dating Coach on hand to help guide you through. If you have any suspicions about the person you are going to meet, chat to your Coach. They can give you an expert second opinion, help put any concerns to rest, or make sure you don’t end up in a tricky situation.

To get started, simply hit the link below to sign-up for your FREE account, and our Team will get in touch to help you start your journey now!


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