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Don’t Let Your Head Rule Your Heart!


So, you’ve met someone on Disabled-Dating , you’ve messaged back and forth a few times, you like each other’s vibe & humour and you’ve agreed to meet up on your first date. But sometimes, this can be the exact moment those pesky nerves start to kick-in; don’t worry, that’s natural! And, what’s more, the team at Disabled-Dating have come up with 5 helpful tips to make sure your first-date goes as smoothly as possible. Read on below:

1) Location Location Location

Forget the movie clichés! First dates don’t have to be in posh-fancy restaurants with waiters in tuxedos and shiny-silver cutlery. There’s no pressure to show off here, what’s more important is that you pick a location where you both will feel comfortable.

- If noisy, bustling places with crowds of people aren’t your thing, go for a chilled-out café or park.

- If one or both of you have special access requirements, make sure you pick somewhere which can facilitate this.

- Try picking a location which isn’t too far from where you live & feel safe.

Remember, it’s just the first date; relax, it doesn’t have to be a huge deal! Which brings us onto our next top-tip.

2) Breathing Exercises & Mindfulness

Now, I know what you’re thinking; don’t worry, we’re not asking you to become Yoga-experts!

But having a regular Mindfulness or Meditation practise has been shown in studies to help with conditions such as Social Anxiety, Depression, Seasonal Affective Disorder and ADHD.

Even if you’re not affected by any of those conditions, practising deep breathing even for a few minutes every morning can help settle your mind-chatter and keep you cool-as-a-cucumber for your first date.

Why not try-out the Breathing Exercise below:

Inhale for 3 seconds - Hold for 1 second - Exhale for 6 seconds - Hold for 1 Second. Repeat for 5 minutes

3) A Problem Shared is a Problem Halved

If you’re still feeling the butterflies as you head out, remember just to keep in mind that your date is probably feeling exactly the same way as you are!

If in doubt, just be honest. When you meet up, tell them if you’re feeling a bit nervous. You might just be surprised when they tell you they’re feeling exactly the same way too!

There’s no need to put on a show; your date wants to get to know the REAL you, anyway.

That’s why you’re both on Disabled-Dating in the first place; you’re part of a small community that’s comfortable with who they are, and happy to express their real-selves openly with other people.

4) Get a Game Plan

Picture the scene; you turn-up at the time & place and see your date for the first time. You go up to introduce yourself and then tumbleweed your mind goes blank and you can’t think of anything to say!

A big reason you might feel nervous about your First Date is the classic worry that you won’t know what to say and you’ll have to face that oh-so-awkward silence.

Never fear, there’s absolutely no shame in planning ahead a few conversation starters and phrases, just to get things going at the start.

Don’t even know where to begin? No problem, why not ask someone to help you out with planning your date?

Which brings us nicely to point number 5:

5) Disabled Dating Coaching

Although all the tips above can certainly help you, nothing beats having a 1-2-1 Coach to guide you through the process.

- Someone who's seen it all before and got the T-shirt.

- Someone who understands how difficult it can be navigating the dating market with a disability.

- Someone who knows that a disability should NOT stop anyone from finding a fulfilling relationship.

We get that it’s tough. But we’re here to help.

If you’re tired of feeling held back from finding love, fed-up with meeting people you don’t click with, or just want a helping-hand to guide you through, hit the link below to sign-up for wyour FREE account, and our Team will get in touch to help you start your journey now!

Click the link here → https://disabled-dating.co.uk/

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