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About Us

Hello my name is Tom,

Welcome to my website. If you are wondering why I run this website and how it came about, make yourself cozy as I fill you in.

I was born in the ‘70s and had what most would consider a normal childhood. There was no internet and Fortnite during my time and my friends and I were constantly outdoors and usually up to some kind of mischief. During my teens and early adulthood, I got to know different women, just like the others my age; however, I still had not met my dream woman. The internet became more popular in the early 2000s, I was of course very enthusiastic about this development and was immediately online, but initially used it mainly for shopping, I was a big fan of online auctions, and also to keep myself informed.

I was so enthused and impressed by the great big world of the World Wide Web that I was inspired to pursue this area as a field of study and completed a degree in Business Administration. This was the start of a promising career and I dove head straight. Being fully immersed in work, combined with the desire not to miss out on my private life led to an enormous sleep deficit but as a young man in my mid-twenties, I knew better that anyone who told me to slow down and I was convinced that I could not online cope with it, but also thrive. The first warning shot came one morning as I tried to get out of bed: my body rebelled and I could neither walk nor move properly.

That was the beginning of my complicated relationship with multiple sclerosis.

Lying in my hospital bed after endless visits to the doctor, I thought intensively about my life, my job and also my future family which I was now sure would never materialize. I became filled with great emptiness spread and a tremendous feeling of loneliness took possession of me. I was scared, absolutely terrified, this was not an emotion with which I was familiar.

Lying in bed, unable to drown out my worries in work or going out, I had to admit that my life could not go on like this. Over the next few months, I was forced to rearrange everything, especially my job and my hobbies. With the help of my family, who supported me right from the start, after a while I started to see things more objectively. Step by step and despite struggling along the way, I managed to rebuild my life. The only thing that was still missing was a partner, someone to love and allow me to fulfill my dream of starting a family.

I think you may also know this feeling where you have sorted out everything else in your life but are still alone despite your best efforts, and are at a loss as to how to solve this problem.

In the meantime, I had abandoned my career and started designing small websites. This much calmer life finally gave me the strength to tackle the problem of being alone. One day, I stumbled across one of the first dating sites, with a focus on people with disabilities. After my successful registration and the first tentative attempts at flirting, I quickly realized that my profile was my personal advertisement and had to represent me as best as possible. At this time, the dating websites worked a little differently. A user was only visible when he was online. So I placed my personal advertisement on the internet and made sure I was always online during my work so my profile was always visible. Success was not long in coming and one morning I received a "hello" from a woman who was also online during her working hours. This short hello blossomed into an intense exchange over several weeks and months. That led to the first nervous visits and today we are happily married with two wonderful children. Even now, as I write these lines, this part of my story never fails to make me remember how fortunate I have been.

After having worked in the internet business for some time and being so inspired by my own dating success, I opened up to Veit, a lifelong friend and told him all about my experiences and how my wife and I had found each other. After hearing all about the challenges my wife especially, had faced while dating, he commented that it would be a pity if this possibility wasn’t made available to other disabled individuals to allow them a better chance of finding love and happiness. The idea to found Disabled Dating was planted. From then on, we kept coming back to this topic and it quickly became clear to us that people, and especially those with disabilities, do not lack dating sites, but their rates of success on these sites was another matter. We therefore developed a concept to give people the right tools to help them be successful at online dating: a detailed guide to help you to find your own personal happiness.

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Try it and tell us about your success. We look forward to hearing your story.

Bye for now

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